Windham Hill Vinyl Collection

Still in progress, the Windhaming Windham Hill Vinyl collection has recently expanded and moved into a new home under the Windhaming Oaks. We’ve had a few requests for photos over on the Windhaming Facebook Page, so we’re sharing pictures here as well. If you haven’t visited the Windhaming Facebook page, come take a look. It’s a nice community of music lovers, with frequent videos from Windham Hill artists.

I purchased about 30 LP’s, and about 50 CD’s before starting Windhaming. The remaining 100 or so have been purchased generally one by one for $1 or $2 at Amoeba in Berkeley or San Francicso. The Audiophile editions were largely found at the Beat in Sacramento. I’ve shopped a lot in Europe lately (Budapest, London, Moscow and Hamburg) and haven’t found a single Windham Hill album there, though my ECM collection has grown a bit. I’m about to place all the albums in “Blake” sleeves – the crystal-clear protective outer jackets, and so took a moment to photograph the collection while it was easier to read the titles.

You’ll see several duplicates. These are generall promo and non-promo copies, but also a few audiophile editions, DMM masters, or alternate covers (what’s up with two covers for Isham’s Film Music?) There is a copy of every disc up through 1083, then a few still missing.

Click on the picture for a larger shot. Enjoy – and feel free to respond with pictures of your own collection.

DSC_0155DSC_0156DSC_0157Windham Hill Discography - Vinyl

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  1. I was introduced to Windham Hill at boarding school by a good friend circa 1991-1992, and have been hooked ever since. I live in South Africa and would like to buy re-issues of Windham Hill collections. Please send me any information on re-issues on email [email protected] / [email protected]

  2. Great collection. My jaw dropped at the “Windham Hill Collection 1984” box… what the HECK is that?! Then I looked up on Discogs… what a curiosity, just four albums and a live sampler! Pretty neat regardless.

    As I have just commented on several other posts, thank you again for this indispensable resource!

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