William Ackerman “Interview” video from “Returning”

Wonder what William Ackerman has been up to these past few years? While the Windham Hill label as a mark of new music is gone, many of the artists continue to record and perform new music that equals or betters what we fell in love with some 30 years ago.

Here is a video straight from Will’s press kit that was recorded at the time of “Returning”. This gives terrific background insight into Windham Hill, and let’s you hear some excerpts from the excellent “Returning” album. Since then, Will has also released the outstanding “New England Roads” which I consider a must-have for any Ackerman fan. Enjoy.

Check out just a few of the currently performing and recording artists who made their mark with Windham Hill:

Alex De Grassi at http://www.degrassi.com

Mark Isham at http://www.isham.com

Barbara Higbie: http://www.barbarahigbie.com/

Scott Cossu: http://scottcossu.com/

Darol Anger: http://www.darolanger.com/

Mike Marshall: http://mikemarshall.net/

George Winston: http://www.georgewinston.com/us/home

Russel Walder: http://www.russelwalder.com/page.html

Michael Manring: http://www.manthing.com/Manthing/home.html

David Qualey: http://www.david-qualey.com/