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  1. i think I read somewhere that this song was part of the inspiration for the music to the film soundtrack to “Country” (WD-1039), by Charles Gross (along with other Windham Hill artists).
    …..I haven’t listened to “Country” in ages, but there’s a song on there which is kind of a rip-off of
    the melody to “Threshold of Liberty”….(although I think Gross acknowledged his debt to Isham in the liner notes somewhere..?)

  2. i’d believe it. It certainly portends Isham’s career as a film/TV composer. My daughter’s favorite show is “Once Upon a Time”, with the music composed by Isham. It’s funny to be posting about “On the Threshold of Liberty” while Isham’s current music plays in the background while she watches.

    1. The song I was thinking of is “The Auction”, from side 2 of WD-1039. The theme
      is reprised in “Epilogue and Hymn” (Isham plays trumpet/flugelhorn solos on both
      tracks)….Hope you get around to reviewing this album, it’s one of my favorites
      (#1035 is a sampler so you only have 4 to go to get there !)

  3. What a great site! As a fellow fan of Windham Hill, I enjoy your blogs 🙂
    I work for a public radio station in Kansas & host a show in the evenings called Nightcrossings. We air music from the Windham Hill label,also music from Narada,American Gramaphone & Hearts of Space labels. Music like this is rarely found on radio. It’s a privilege to be able to bring such thought provoking musical dialog and inspiration (not to mention relaxation!) to our communities 🙂
    Great job!
    Maggie Perry

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