Robbie Basho’s Visions of the Country re-released – first time in 35 years.

Robbie Basho’s ‘Visions of the Country’ reissued on CD/LP 2013

Windhaming is proud to be a contributor to a new re-issue of Robbie Basho’s “Visions of the Country.” See the original Windhaming review here:

Visions of the Country
Visions of the Country

With the original master tapes long gone, Windhaming was charged with transcribing a pristine vinyl pressing to digital for mastering. 


  • Vinyl Vacuum: VPI HW-17 Record Cleaning Machine
  • Turntable 1:  VPI Scout; JMW-9 arm; Dynavector 10×5 cartridge
  • Turntable 2: VPI Classic 1; JMW-10T arm; Dynavector XX-2 Mk II cartridge
  • Gingko Cloud Isolation platform
  • Cables: Furutech AG-12 tonearm cable
  • Analog to Digital Converter: TC Impact Twin
  • Computer: Apple Mac Mini 
  • Software: PureVinyl by Channel D
  • Power Regeneration: PS Audio PowerPlant Premier
  • Power Cables: Acoustic Zen Tsunami

Robbie Basho Visions of the Country Re-Issue Press Release

  • Release dates: Vinyl: August 20 — CD: September 25, 2013
  • July, 26, 2013
  • Grass-Tops Recording

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Out of print for 35 years, Robbie Basho gains new recognition with this exciting re-release of one of the finest albums ever recorded.

‘Visions of the Country’ was originally released on the hugely successful Windham Hill label back in 1978, as one of their earliest releases. Grass-Tops Recording ( and Gnome Life Records ( have teamed up to bring this lost masterwork back to the public for the first time since it’s original release.

Grass-Tops Recording will be handling the CD reissue, and Gnome Life Records will be issuing an LP version. This record has been faithfully restored and remastered by Kyle Fosburgh (, Joe Churchich (Squeaky Clean Audio, Andover, MN), Andrew Weathers (, and John Dark (Curator at Both formats (CD/LP) are available for pre-order on each website now!

About Grass-Tops Recording

Grass-Tops Recording is a record label dedicated to archiving/reissuing music from the past, as well as featuring news artists who are blazing trails with original innovations in sound.


Kyle Fosburgh, Owner/Founder

Grass-Tops Recording

[email protected] (CD) (LP)

4 Replies to “Robbie Basho’s Visions of the Country re-released – first time in 35 years.”

  1. Hi John,

    Been some time since we spoke. Interesting project there, using vinyl as a source for a new issue!  I do a lot of recording, and am always looking at other people’s work-flows to see if there might be changes/additions I could make that would improve my final product.  Two things stuck out when reading how you went about it (1) The ADC you used, which was unknown to me and (2) the lack of any mention of a phono preamp.  Did you apply RIAA EQ via the software capture program, or is there a component I’m simply not seeing?


    Jim Neal


    1. Thanks for asking, Jim.I chose the TC Impact Twin only because it was recommended as a converter by Channel D – the maker of the PureVinyl software that I used. I ripped it both with and without RIAA curve (with PureVinyl handling the RIAA conversion). I’m not sure which of the final versions was used. The Windhaming reference phono preamp is the Aesthetix Janus, but that was not part of this conversion. The table was directly connected to the TC, which was then connected to my Apple Mac Mini.

  2. I’ve just ordered the CD. I’ve always considered it a decent album but certainly not a great one. The album I would love to see reissued is The Art Of The Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12 (WHS C-1010).

    DWIW, I’ve also ordered the CD reissue of “Twilight Peaks”, which was originally issued on cassette only by The Relaxation Company. Brilliant album.

    Anyway, congratulations on succeeding in helping to get “Visions of the Country” reissued.

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