A New Generation of Artists produced by Will Ackerman

William Ackerman The Gathering

We wanted you to know, that Will Ackerman has been busy.  Busy with what? An album called The Gathering.  The Gathering is a handpicked collection of songs from 22 artists recently produced by Grammy winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont.

To listen to samples of The Gathering and read the reviews its been getting, click on the link below:

The Gathering

11 Replies to “A New Generation of Artists produced by Will Ackerman”

  1. Are you taking over as administrator of the discography ? JohnnyDark hasn’t added any
    entries in almost a year now, so it seems as if he has “resigned” from posting new entries and reviews of the catalogue from 1984 onwards. It’s such a wonderful resource, seems a shame to let the thing die at such an early stage ! With so many wonderful releases yet to be reviewed.

    1. Hi Carl,

      I’m still here. I’m glad you enjoy the site, and regret my lack of progress posting new albums over the past year. I have been tied up with my marketing agency the past while, and have found it hard to make time to post additional albums. Your message will inspire me to add a few more albums. I also have a wonderful interview with WH engineer Harn Soper that is awaiting its own well-deserved post.

      One of the things I have been considering is asking fans to submit new reviews – following the same format as my existing reviews. Let me know if you have some interest. Thanks, – Johnny Dark

      1. I think that’s a great idea, though also fraught with potential pitfalls. The great thing about this site is that it doesn’t read like just another “Review Site”. There
        is such a wealth of information here, that it would be much better served by a book format. Just using the format of a “Blogsite” hardly serves it justice.

      1. Kori… thank you so much for your kind words! And… not sound trite… but with complete sincerity, I so enjoy your music too. “Trillium” is so wonderful and well produced!

  2. Kori,

    Thank you for this posting. It helps me keep track of Will’s productions as he doesn’t update his website very often. The Imaginary Roads label has helped fill the musical void left in me since the demise of the Windham Hill label. I’ve discovered many new and wonderful talents (such as yourself).because of it.

    Dan <

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