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  1. John,

    Where did this video come from? Don’t recall ever seeing it although I remember sitting in the audience on more than one occasion listening to George’s music in a near trance. George used to tell the audience to sit back and relax and it was OK to doze. He was right, because I used to go to another level listening to his live music. Thanks for this.


  2. I’ll admit, it came from a simple YouTube search, so I’m unsure of which performance or year. I’ve seen him live twice, and the experience is so different than the albums. Altered versions and more improvisational. When I spoke with Harn Soper, who was the recording engineer on Autumn and several other key WH albums, he said that in studio they would sometimes splice together different versions of the songs. It’s staggering to me given that they all sound so fluid. Because George would often hold down the sustain pedal throughout the entire song, they couldn’t just “pick up” wherever an error occurred, but would play into it several bars in order to have the sustained harmonics blend into the next piece.

  3. Thanks, Caitlin. Good to hear from you.

    I’ve been busy with my marketing consulting business and so taking a break from posting. I appreciate knowing that you were paying attention. I’m looking forward to re-starting my posts, and completing the typing up on my interview with Harn Soper from early this year. Lots of good discussion about the early Windham Hill days from one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

  4. Hello Mr. Dark (what a second name!)
    I promissed you to send you the scans of a unique YUGOSLAVIAN release of only one recording of WINDHAM HILL recording and it is, of course, December by George Winston. On this link down you can get all scans from that album. I would like to see them on your Windhaming (beautiful) site.


  5. I run an IT consulting business so I fully understand not having much free time, if any. Just take a look at the next eight titles on the list and you’ll see you’ve got an outstanding group coming up. I’m listening to “Unaccountable Effect” by Liz Story right now. The opening duet with Mark Isham on synth is an ambient classic and is absolutely gorgeous.

    Have a very happy and meaningful holiday season.

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