Windhaming Recommends

Announcing Windhaming Recommends.

This page is a new home to promote news and recommended music for fans of Windham Hill.

I know, it seems funny to have a blog for my blog, but sometimes that’s how things grow organically. When I launched Windhaming, it was intended to simply be a post with the liner notes for each album. Then I found myself wanting to do the research and provide links and more information to do justice to the artists and their music.

There’s a lot of related news that doesn’t fit well into the discography page, but deserves a place on the site. Former Windham Hill artists touring or releasing new music, Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studio recordings and productions, unrelated artists who are issuing music in a style that will appeal to WH fans. That’s what this page is for.

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  1. Related to the topic of this page is the Spa station on XMRadio (#68). Spa plays new age, new acoustic and light jazz. In some ways it is kind of a catch-all for new age-ish types of music.

    Anyway, Spa features many Windham Hill artists in their daily program. One will regularly hear Alex DeGrassi, Michael Hedges, William Ackerman and George Winston. I also hear a song or two from others such as Liz Story and Philip Aaberg. They also play similar non-WH artists such as David Lanz and Jim Chappell.

    If you have XM/Sirius then be sure to check it out.

  2. I have been a fan of Windham Hill Records starting at the day I started to work for Radio Shack in 1984. I had the records playing in the store all the time I was working. My manager saw that it was good music. I now have all most every LP released in my collection. Even a few promo lp’s. And most all are sealed! I wish that William Ackerman would put together a traveling show with artist from his record label.
    Sir Norman

    1. Good for you, Norman. Your collection probably outclasses the Windhaming stash, then. Many of my copies were picked up for a dollar or two, and while none are trashed, only about 30 of them were sealed when I bought them.

  3. Another long-time Windham Hill devotee here. As this appears to be an area dedicated to recommendation I would like to suggest that Windhammers give a listen to Ronnda Cadle (, who’s recording have been produced by Will Ackerman. If HW was still recording new artists I’s sure that she would be on the roster.

  4. Didn’t Windham Hill do a video with a train going through the mountains in the middle of winter? I really liked the music. Bruce

  5. I’m delighted to find a website like this devoted to Windham Hill Records. More curation and discussion and reviews of individual releases would be terrific. I feel hesitant to venture further than the golden period (roughly, from George Winston’s Autumn album and ending with William Ackerman’s Past Light). WH is an important contribution to American musical culture and it’s unfortunate the corporatization and diversification of the label undermined it’s early success. Some releases that I never grow tired of: Liz Story’s Solid Colors, Mark Isham’s Vapour Drawings, WH Sampler ’82, George Winston’s Autumn, William Ackerman’s It Takes A Year and most especially Bola Sete’s “Ocean” is such great music. That the Linda Waterfall 1976 seems near impossible to track down. I hope someday surfaces.

    1. solid colours by liz story may be my most played album ever . i purchased it when it was released in ’82 , i believe , and have listened to it countless times over my life . it was and remains a beautiful and expressive collection of songs . thank you liz …and thank you windham hill for recognizing the unique artistry of these wonderful people .

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